Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives


At MAD CDs we care about the environment. In our office we have tried to reduce our carbon footprint through various ways and we have purposefully sought out suppliers who can provide us with high-quality products that are friendlier to the environment than their traditional counterparts.


So if you're concerned about our environment then we have a range of eco-friendly alternatives to standard packaging that may suit your needs. Best of all they don't cost the earth!


Recycled paper/cardboard packaging


All of our gatefold wallets, 5" wallets, and CD and DVD digipacks are available in a range of recycled stocks:


Kraft Stock: This is a brown, rough finish stock that is about 75% recycled.


Recycled Coated Stock: This is a white coated recycled stock. Printing on this stock gives a final product that is very close to standard gloss stock. This stock is about 95% recycled, and is a mix of post and pre-consumer materials. It is FSC certified.


Recycled Uncoated Stock: This is an off-white stock that is about 95% recycled. It is slightly lighter in weight than the recycled coated stock. It is about 90% recycled.


CD and DVD Booklets, slicks and back inlays (tray cards) are also available in recycled stock.


All of our recycled paper products are printed in soy-based ink.


Bio-Box Products


Bio Box products are specially formulated with a catalyst that allows the polypropylene they are made from to bio-degrade under the right environmental factors into carbon dioxide, water and a non toxic residue that is totally assimilated into the earth.


These cases can be used in place of the traditional hard plastic jewel cases and trays. They have the added benefit of being more flexible which means that they are less likely to crack or break in transit or if dropped. They are however translucent rather than transparent which means that booklets and inlays are not as 'bright' when viewed through the case.


If you are interested in any of our green products, please mention this when you request a quote and we can include these options.


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