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At MAD CDs we provide world class replication of CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray and CD-Roms. We also produce custom packaging for discs and we print books, posters, stickers and flyers!


Replication is the world standard for the manufacutre of commercial CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and CD-Rom. This process involves taking your production master, making a glass master and injection moulding the discs. They are then offset or screen printed up to full colour. At MAD CDs we will replicate quantities of 100 units or more for CD, DVD and CD-Rom. Blu-Ray is the exception to this.


The duplication process is for generally reserved for small run sizes - less than 100 units. Discs are burnt and then thermal printed up to full colour. There is a smaller range of packaging options available for this type of production. One of the benefits of duplication is the time it takes to do.

What to choose?

There are pros and cons for both replication and duplication. The one you select will depend on a few factors. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each process might help you decide. Here's a rundown:

Duplication vs Replication - the pros and cons...


Run Size: 50-99

Time frame for production: 5-7 working days

Print type:

Disc face – thermal inkjet

Paper Parts – booklets and inlays: digital print, 170gsm stock. 5” and gatefold wallets (1 pocket only): digital print, 270gsm stock

Packaging types available:

            Jewel Cases with 2, 4 or 6 page booklet, single or double sided inlay

            5” (2 Panel), 4 panel cardboard wallets (1 or 2 pockets), 4 panel digipacks

Manufacture type: Discs are burnt



Shorter runs sizes available



Higher unit cost

Disc stability is uncertain

Packaging types are limited

NB: While most new players will play CD-Rs, not all players will play these discs (including cars and many older players). We regard this as a player issue not a disc/manufacture fault and therefore will not replace or refund in this instance.




Run Size: 100 upwards

Time frame for production: 10-12 working days for standard packagins, longer times for custom or specialised packaging

Print type:

Disc face – offset CMYK or Silkscreen

Paper Parts – booklets and inlays: digital print, 150gsm stock. Wallets, digipacks offset CMYK, 350gsm stock

Packaging types available:

            Jewel Cases with up to 48 page booklets, single or double sided inlay

            5” cardboard wallets

            Gatefold wallets




Custom Designed Packaging

Manufacture type: Discs are glass mastered and injection moulded.



Lower unit cost

Commercial quality print and disc

Highly stable

Guaranteed product

Large range of packaging types available

Special finishes (matt cello, gloss cello, pantones, foils etc) available

Special stocks available



Longer turnaround time

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