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At MAD CDs we provide world class replication of CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray and CD-Roms. We also produce custom packaging for discs and we print books, posters, stickers and flyers. We have a download card printing and support service as well so you can take advantage of world class digital support for your music and digital content.



Replication is the world standard for the manufacutre of commercial CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and CD-Rom. This process involves taking your production master, making a glass master and injection moulding the discs. They are then offset or screen printed up to full colour. At MAD we will replicate quantities of 100 units or more for CD, DVD and CD-Rom. Blu-Ray is the exception to this.


The duplication process is where content is burnt to exisiting disc media. At MAD we only offer duplication for Blu-Ray discs.


We offer a vast array of disc packaging from simple cardboard sleeves to multiple-panel wallets and digipacks through to specialised custom-designed packaging. You can see some of our packaging options here.


We print books as stand-alone products or to house discs, posters, stickers, brochures and flyers.


Our download card product provides digital support for your music and other digital content. Your download cards are printed with a 16 digit unique, one-time use code and a QR code that links to the download location. We host your content for 2 years. Get in touch if you want more info about this product.

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